Water Economics Course Winter 2017

Reading list

Lecture Slides

  • Lecture1 Water Economics: A Preview
  • Lecture2 Property Rights, Water Markets, and California Water Policy
  • Lecture3 California Water Policy
  • Lecture4 Water Supply and Demand
  • Student Presentations

  • Presentation by Alex Yu The Economics of Transboundary Water Management
  • Presentation by Nobu Nakazawa Water and Growth In Developing Countries
  • Presentation by Jiajun Lu Water and Sanitation Economics: Reflections on Application to Developing Economies
  • Presentation by Victoria Xie Concepts and Methods for Assessing Economics Impacts from Climate Change on Water Resources
  • Presentation by Won-ki Seo Nonlinear Temperature Effects on Crop Yields
  • Presentation by Kevin Ray Residential Water Usage: Price Perceptions and Behavioral Nudges
  • Presentation by Ryan Kueber The Economics Sustainability Paradigm and Freshwater and Marine Fisheries Governance
  • Presentation by Lynn Sun Model-based regulation of nonpoint source emissions